Episode 9

Episode 7 - Dr. Kristin Campbell. Top questions in physical activity and cancer survivorship


May 28th, 2017

52 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Kristin is an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia in Canada researching how physical activity can benefit cancer patients and survivors. In this episode, we talk about some of the most important questions to answer in the realm of physical activity and cancer. For those interested in this area, this will be one of the most comprehensive views you get of the field, past, present and future.

You can find Kristin on Twitter @KLCampbellPhD along with her lab @CEPL_UBC. Keep up with their research or get in touch with Kristin through the department of Physical Therapy at the University of British Columbia.



Show notes

1:55 – Introduction to Kristin.

3.45 – History of the field of exercise oncology, starting in the late 80’s

8.15 – Does Physical activity reduce the risk of cancer risk and survival?

11.45 – Does physical activity have an effect on cancer treatment decisions, treatment completion rate or response.

15.15 – What is the optimal exercise prescription for cancer survivors?

19.15 – What are some safety concerns of exercise in cancer patients or survivors.

24.45 – How do we translate the research into a clinical or community setting.

25.45 – How can exercise improve side effects of cancer?

28.45 – Is there a role for physical activity in people with advanced/terminal cancer

29.45 – What are the challenges in setting up an “ideal” cancer rehab center

35.45 – What do we need to do to accelerate the progress in establishing exercise oncology as a standard of care.

38.45 – When is the best time to exercise (before, during or after treatment).

40.45 – What are some misconceptions about exercise that cancer patients/survivors have?

44.45 – Advice for survivors interested in getting started with a program.

45.45 – Advice for professionals interested in working in this area.