Episode 29

Ep 27: Dr. Mike DeLisio: PhD in exercise physiology, myxoid liposarcoma survivor


October 17th, 2017

1 hr 1 min

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About this Episode

Dr. Mike DeLisio is an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa, focusing on how exercise alters stem cell interactions with their niche in the context of cancer and cancer therapy. Mike is also a cancer survivor, 4 years removed from a diagnosis of myxoid liposarcoma, a pretty rare form of fat cancer. Mike was 30 years old fresh out of his PhD in exercise physiology when he first got diagnosed. In typical young male fashion, he didn’t want any sympathy or pity and just chose to dig his heels in, push through his treatment without telling many people. We end up having a great chat about his mindset during his diagnosis, the treatment and how much of a psychological effect of these factors around cancer can have. He also gives an interesting insight into how his diagnosis and the thought of recurrence affect some of his bigger life decisions.


I can’t thank Mike enough for his honesty, I think a lot of people will take a great deal from his story.



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