Episode 23

Ep 21: Dr. Robert O’Connor: Head of Research at the Irish Cancer Society


September 5th, 2017

1 hr 5 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

We chat about what Rob’s role as the Head of Research and the type of research the Irish Cancer Society funds. We also talk about how to sift through common cancer myths and how to improve the communication of the scientific evidence to combat fear mongering and quacks.


To hear what the Irish Cancer Society is up to check out www.cancer.ie  or follow Robert on Twitter @DrRobertOConnor. Be sure to check out the Decoding Cancer talks on Irish Cancer Society facebook page for great free information on all things cancer. 


Show notes:


3:30 – Robert’s background and what he does as head of research as the Irish Cancer Society

5:40 – The Irish Cancer Society’s four areas of intervention

8.40 -  How has the public’s awareness of risk factors for cancer changed and what impact has the internet/social media had?

13.05 – Scare tactics in spreading information about cancer risk.

18.30 – How to improve the communication of scientific evidence in areas of cancer.

33.30 – Common cancer myths debunked: cancer is not a single disease, modern life doesn’t cause cancer etc.

45:00 – Lifestyle behaviors and cancer risk – don’t take it so serious. Having flexibility to improve quality of life.

51:00 – Some of the more important areas of inquiry to improve cancer care in Ireland.

56:00 – Decoding Cancer – Free talks to the general public about all areas of cancer research