Episode 15

Ep 13. Jeff Vallance Part 2. Physical activity and Survivorship, Canadian initiatives to improve cancer resources – everything in between.


July 10th, 2017

48 mins 38 secs

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About this Episode

This is part 2 with Jeff, who is a researcher at Athabasca University who looks a physical activity and sedentary behavior in a variety of cancer populations.    

We talk about the Amber study, a massive study looking at physical activity in 1,500 cancer patients and looking at them up to 10 years after treatment. This study will answer A LOT of important questions about physiological effects of exercise, along with effects of activity on cancer recurrence and mortality. We also chat about how theire trying to develop a central databse of cancer facilities to try and improve the cancer network across the country. Finally, we chat about how we might be putting too many barriers to exercise with cancer patients and survivors – a really important topic. Enjoy!

 You can find Jeff on Twitter @JeffVallance, or at http://fhd.athabascau.ca/faculty/jvallance/. Look for us at reachbeyondcancer.com or find me on twitter @CiaranFairman.   We talk about Mike Lang in the episode and the great things he’s doing with youth cancer survivors. Find him @mikeylang on Twitter or visit https://about.me/mike.lang to find out more. 



Show Notes:


3.45 – Amber Study: Tracking physical activity and health outcomes in cancer survivors up to 10 years after treatment.


9.00 – How biological studies may start to tease out some of the effects of exercise on cancer related outcomes.


14.00 – How the diversity of researchers will drive the field forward.


17.00 – Cancer initiatives up in Canada – trying to develop a central database of cancer centers to help cancer patients/survivors.


28.00 – How cancer studies can be improved.


34.00 – Are we putting too many barriers to exercise with cancer survivors?


37.00 – The power of seeing improvement in Jeff’s first cancer patient and how that empowered him to keep going.


41.00 – Need for more collaboration between academics and health professionals.


45.00 – Where you can find Jeff.